River Kwai and it's Subsidiary Company made a merit and donate things to monks and people faraway.

On 17-18 November, Mr. Prajak Boonsong, Managing Director River Kwai International Food Industry Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of AgriPure Holdings PLC went by car more than 20 cars and nearly 100 people to visit Ban Pangsanook, Raivo, Sangkhaburi, Kanchanaburi for making a merit and donated money in order to build “Suksala Royal Pavillion” by Lady Maneerat Boonnak for 800,000 Baht. Some was donated by the monks at Ban Pangsanook for daily routine.

For this activity, it was not only to donate money but also provide daily goods to people there including children and adults. After discussed with people, it was found that they walked more than 10 kms in order to participate this activity.

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